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Are you looking to donate a mattress and wondering, does the Salvation Army take mattresses? The short answer is: It depends. The Salvation Army may accept your mattress donation if it’s in good condition, but local policies vary. Keep reading to discover the requirements for donating a mattress to the Salvation Army and learn about your other options if it turns out they don’t accept such donations in your area.

Key Takeaways

  • The Salvation Army’s acceptance of mattress donations varies by location, so check with your local branch about their specific policies and pick-up services.

  • If the Salvation Army can’t take your mattress, consider other organizations like the Furniture Bank Association, local thrift stores, or shelters, ensuring the mattress is clean and in good condition.

  • For mattresses unfit for donation, explore recycling options, consult local trash services, or find creative ways to repurpose the materials on your own.

Salvation Army’s Policies on Mattress Donations

Salvation Army mattress donation

While it’s commonly known that the Salvation Army accepts mattress donations, the reality can be more complex. The organization has varying policies depending on the location. Some Salvation Army stores might not accept mattress donations at all, while others will be more than happy to pick up your gently used mattress from your doorstep.

Acceptance of your mattress donation by the Salvation Army hinges mainly on its condition and prevailing local rules. Clean, usable mattresses without any signs of bed bugs, stains, or tears are generally accepted. Especially for mattresses with box springs, the cover should be in good condition and the frame should not have broken or bent coils. After all, the aim is to provide a comfortable sleep to someone in need.

Exploring Local Salvation Army Locations

Considering the diverse policies, you should directly reach out to your local Salvation Army branch to get clarity on their mattress donation guidelines. The Salvation Army’s website has a handy location search tool that you can use to find the nearest branch that might be accepting mattress donations.

Remember to inquire about their doorstep pick-up services. In many cases, the Salvation Army offers home pick-up for donations, making the process even more convenient for you. Of course, if you prefer, there’s always the option of dropping off your mattress donation at a local donation drop off location, such as a Salvation Army branch.

Alternative Donation Centers Accepting Mattresses

Suppose your local Salvation Army branch does not accept mattresses? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other places that do. Some alternatives include:

  • The Furniture Bank Association

  • Thrift stores

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Local shelters

Let’s delve into more details of some of these alternatives.

Furniture Bank Association

Furniture Bank Association donation

The Furniture Bank Association of America is an excellent alternative. They specialize in providing low or no-cost furniture, including mattresses, to those in need. It functions like a furniture store for those who can’t afford it, making it a worthy recipient of your used mattress.

Similar to the Salvation Army, the Furniture Bank Association operates as a donation center, open to accepting mattresses in good condition. Plus, they offer a convenient mattress pick-up service if you live within 20 miles of the store. This simplifies your mattress donation process.

Thrift Stores and Charitable Organizations

Thrift stores along with other charitable organizations serve as excellent alternatives for donating mattresses. Organizations run by Catholic Churches, for instance, often accept mattress donations. Just remember to connect with these organizations directly to understand their donation policies.

Ensure your mattress is clean, in good condition, and devoid of bed bugs before donating. It’s also a good idea to share a picture of your mattress with the thrift store or charity before bringing it in.

Navigating Mattress Recycling Programs

Mattress recycling program

Donation not an option? Consider mattress recycling programs. These programs play a crucial role in reducing landfill waste, considering that more than 75 percent of a mattress can be recycled into other products.

Let’s learn about locating these recycling centers and understanding their operations.

Finding a Local Recycling Center

Locating a local recycling center that takes in mattresses could be simpler than you anticipate. Resources like Earth 911, Bye-Bye Mattress, or are excellent starting points to find local recycling centers.

These platforms are user-friendly. For instance, Earth 911 allows you to simply type in what you want to recycle along with your zip code, and voila! You’ll get a list of nearby places that accept that item for recycling.

The Process of Recycling Mattresses

What transpires with your mattress at a recycling center? The process is quite fascinating. The mattress is broken down into its constituent parts such as metal springs, foam, and fabric. Each of these materials is then repurposed or used in the creation of other products.

For instance, the metal from mattress springs can be used to make new metal products, while foam can be shredded to make new foam products. The fabric can either be repurposed or used for energy generation.

Disposal Options for Unacceptable Mattresses

Disposing old mattress

If your mattress isn’t fit for donation or recycling, other suitable disposal options exist. Some options include:

  • Contacting your local trash service

  • Taking it to a landfill

  • Renting a dumpster

  • Using a pickup service offered by companies like Lull, in partnership with LoadUp, for a fee.

Proper disposal not only helps reduce landfill waste but also ensures that you’re contributing positively to the environment. It’s paramount to dispose of your old mattress in an eco-friendly way that could also potentially benefit others.

Repurposing Your Old Mattress

Repurposing old mattress

If the above options don’t resonate with you, consider repurposing your memory foam mattress creatively. Here are some ideas for your old mattress:

  • Sell parts for scrap

  • Use the materials for your own DIY projects

  • Use the foam to make new couch cushions

  • Use it as carpet padding

Another wonderful idea is to transform your old mattress into a pet bed or a garden cushion. This not only gives your old mattress a new life but also adds a personal touch to your home or garden.

Maximizing the Life of Your New Mattress

Alongside discussing ways to handle old mattresses, it’s of equal significance to understand how to prolong the lifespan of your new mattress. Adhering to the manufacturer’s care guidelines is crucial for your mattress’s durability. It prevents premature wearing out and helps you get the most out of your mattress.

Think about utilizing a mattress protector for your box spring mattress. It prevents sweat, spills, and debris from damaging your mattress, making it easier to clean and maintain. Moreover, make it a point to flip or rotate your mattress every three to six months for uniform wear and to retain its shape and support.


We’ve covered a lot of ground, from understanding the Salvation Army’s policies on mattress donations to exploring alternative donation centers, recycling programs, and even creative ways to repurpose your old mattress. Remember, every mattress deserves a second chance, whether it’s through donation, recycling, or repurposing. It’s not just about disposing of an old item; it’s about making a difference, one mattress at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What clothing items should not be donated?

You should not donate wet, mildewed, or contaminated clothes, shoes, or linens. Everything else, including damaged items, can be donated or recycled.

Where can I donate window blinds near me?

You can donate window blinds at Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill by finding a location near you on their website. Happy donating!

How do I get rid of a box spring and mattress?

You can check if your local municipal recycling website offers curbside bulky waste collection or drop-off at a transfer station/recycling center for your box spring and mattress. It’s a convenient solution for getting rid of them.

Does the Salvation Army accept all mattress donations?

It’s best to check with your local Salvation Army branch as their acceptance of mattress donations depends on the mattress condition and local regulations.

What if my local Salvation Army does not accept mattresses?

If your local Salvation Army doesn’t accept mattresses, you can try donating to other centers like the Furniture Bank Association, thrift stores, or other charitable organizations. Consider reaching out to these alternatives for your mattress donation needs.

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