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Hunting for used furniture stores in Austin, TX? This guide points you to the best spots to find affordable, unique pieces. Whether you’re after vintage items or just great bargains, Austin’s diverse stores have something for everyone. From mid-century gems to eclectic finds, read on to explore your options.

Key Takeaways

  • Austin offers a vibrant mix of used furniture stores, each with its unique charm, providing budget-friendly options for adding character to your home

  • Many stores, like Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore and Top Drawer Thrift, offer the dual benefit of buying great furniture and supporting noble causes in the community

  • Stores like Vintage Fresh and Modern Redux specialize in mid-century modern pieces, blending vintage charm with contemporary flair, while Uncommon Objects and Asherfield provide eclectic and unique finds

Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Interior of Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore

When the joy of finding the perfect piece of furniture is coupled with the satisfaction of supporting a good cause, you’ve found yourself at the Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore. This store is a goldmine for those on the hunt for both new and used furniture, and the best part? Each purchase helps fund the construction of homes for families in need right here in Austin, TX. With a wide array of home goods donated by generous Austinites, the ReStore ensures that your decorating dreams help build more than just a stylish home—they help build communities.

With multiple locations in South Austin, Northwest Austin, and even San Marcos, there’s a ReStore in nearly every neighborhood. Whether you’re searching for a vintage dining set, stylish home fittings, or just some unique decor items to spice up your space, this store stands ready to exceed your expectations. And remember, the inventory is ever-changing, so each visit presents a new opportunity to find that perfect piece—and the perfect way to give back.

Asherfield: Discover, buy, and sell high-end décor

Variety of furniture items for sale

At Asherfield, we revolutionize the buying and selling of high-quality used furniture online. Our digital consignment shop operates 24/7, allowing you to effortlessly discover and showcase exceptional art, furniture, mattresses, and rugs—all from the comfort of your home. Here’s what makes us your ideal partner:

  • Curated Inventory: We meticulously select gently used items, focusing on quality and aesthetics to ensure every piece meets our high standards.
  • Effortless Transactions: Forget the logistics hassle. We manage everything from professional pickup to same-day delivery* (terms apply), making each transaction smooth and simple.
  • Empowered Experience: Register for free and take control. Enjoy low 30% commission rates and manage your listings at your convenience, without unnecessary haggling or availability checks.

Choose Asherfield to transform how you engage with Austin’s used furniture market. Whether you’re redecorating or rehoming your items, we make every step rewarding.

Vintage Fresh

Refinished mid-century modern furniture at Vintage Fresh

Nestled in a quaint shopping center just off Highway 183 lies Vintage Fresh, a boutique that’s anything but traditional. Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by an array of stylish, hand-refinished mid-century modern furniture that’s been lovingly restored by the owner, Leslie. It’s a place where the past is polished to perfection and presented anew, offering you unique pieces that strike the perfect balance between vintage charm and contemporary flair.

But Vintage Fresh isn’t just about furniture; it’s a veritable treasure chest of home goods. From:

  • plush pillows

  • scented candles

  • rustic planters

  • chic throw blankets

This store has it all, and at prices that keep your budget in check. Whether you’re in the market for a statement piece or the final touch to your home decor, a visit to Vintage Fresh is a must. And if you’re lucky, you might just walk out with a story as compelling as the pieces themselves.

Modern Redux

Refurbished vintage furniture at Modern Redux

Imagine a space where every item has a story to tell—welcome to Modern Redux, a sanctuary for lovers of refurbished vintage furniture. Here, mid-century modern design reigns supreme, with a stunning collection of pieces that have been given a second life. Think sleek tables, elegant lamps, and decorative items that embody the essence of the 20th century’s most iconic styles. Modern Redux is where quality meets timeless design, ensuring that each piece isn’t just furniture—it’s a slice of history.

The knowledgeable staff at Modern Redux are more than just salespeople; they’re custodians of stories, well-versed in the history and details of their carefully curated inventory. As you peruse their selection, they’re on hand to share anecdotes that bring each piece to life, making your shopping experience as enriching as it is enjoyable. It’s this personal touch that makes Modern Redux not just a store, but a journey through time.

Uptown Modern

Midcentury-modern furniture at Uptown Modern

Take a step into Uptown Modern, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the sleek lines and timeless elegance of midcentury-modern furniture. It’s a well-curated paradise where each piece, from:

  • lamps

  • art

  • knickknacks

  • furniture

is a testament to the enduring appeal of designs from the 1950s to the 1970s. This isn’t just a store; it’s a showcase of minimalist beauty, where the past is preserved with a modern twist.

The beauty of Uptown Modern lies not only in its stunning array of unique pieces but also in its ever-evolving inventory. Regular visitors are always treated to a new selection of items, ensuring that the hunt for that perfect piece is always fresh and exciting. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or simply looking to add a touch of class to your space, Uptown Modern is a must-visit destination in the heart of Austin’s bustling cityscape.

Top Drawer Thrift

Affordable home goods at Top Drawer Thrift

Top Drawer Thrift is where your relentless search for that one-of-a-kind decor item can make a tangible difference in someone’s life. As you sift through an eclectic mix of furniture, decorative items, and home goods, know that your purchases support Project Transitions’ noble mission—providing housing and hospice care for Central Texans living with HIV/AIDS. This isn’t just thrift shopping; it’s shopping with a purpose.

From quirky nightstands to vintage knickknacks, Top Drawer Thrift is a haven for the eclectic at heart. The store offers plenty of treasures to discover, and with proceeds funding subsidized housing programs, every find feels even more special. It’s a place where your passion for unique pieces helps build a community of care and compassion, making each visit to Top Drawer Thrift an experience that warms the heart as much as it decorates the home.

Revival Vintage

If your heart beats for the charm of yesteryears, then Revival Vintage is your soul’s destination. Here, the shelves are lined with a budget-friendly mix of furniture and home goods from various eras, each with its own tale of tradition and history. This vintage store doesn’t just sell items; it revives them, offering you a chance to become part of their ongoing story.

Revival Vintage understands the thrill of the find and the urgency of the hunt. With a requirement for local pickup at their N. Lamar location and a quick turnover on items, they ensure that your vintage discoveries are soon gracing your living space. Take note of their business hours—your next timeless treasure awaits within their walls, ready to add a touch of nostalgia to your modern home.

Room Service Vintage

Room Service Vintage is where Austin’s eclectic spirit truly comes alive. This iconic store, with its roots in a 1950s pharmacy, is now the go-to place for unique and sometimes outrageously cool furniture and home decor from the 1950s-1970s. It’s a haven for hipsters, collectors, and decorators alike, who all flock here for that special find that no one else has.

But be warned: the one-of-a-kind items at Room Service Vintage don’t stick around for long. The inventory is as dynamic as it is diverse, often selling out just as quickly as it’s stocked. For the diligent and the lucky, this means the opportunity to snag something truly unique. And for the social media savvy, following their Instagram feed is a must to catch the latest and greatest before they’re gone.

Treasure City Thrift

In the heart of Austin lies Treasure City Thrift, a worker-run nonprofit that’s so much more than a thrift store—it’s a cornerstone for grassroots change. Each purchase here supports the efforts of community organizations working towards a more sustainable and equitable world. Shopping at Treasure City Thrift doesn’t just fill your home with unique items; it fills your heart with the knowledge that you’re part of something bigger.

From 25-cent sales to Really Really Free Markets, Treasure City Thrift offers:

  • a plethora of affordable and unique home items

  • a beacon of community spirit

  • a swell of support through donations, volunteer time, and word-of-mouth promotion

So, when you shop here, you’re not just finding a new treasure—you’re helping to treasure the community itself.

Uncommon Objects

Step into Uncommon Objects and you’ll feel like you’ve entered an alternate universe where the odd, the gorgeous, and the compelling converge. Described as an emporium of transcendent junk, this store is a playground for those who revel in the thrill of the hunt for the uncanny. It’s a place where each item, from rare furniture pieces to special works of art, has its own peculiar charm.

This collective of up to nine different vendors offers a myriad of items that reflect the rich tapestry of American culture and history. Uncommon Objects is not just a store; it’s an experience, often likened to exploring your eccentric uncle’s attic—on steroids. Its ever-changing selection ensures that every visit brings the potential for a new, uncommon find to add to your personal collection.

Far Out Home Fittings

At Far Out Home Fittings, you can expect:

  • A laid-back atmosphere

  • Eclectic and quirky furniture

  • The option to negotiate and bundle items

  • Reasonable deals

  • The freedom to choose items that speak to your individual style

It’s an experience that’s as far out as the name suggests.

The store’s dynamic layout is frequently rearranged, ensuring that each visit feels like a new adventure. Whether you’re on the lookout for a statement chair or a funky lamp, Far Out Home Fittings promises an engaging shopping experience with the thrill of the deal always in the air. It’s a place where your love for the unique meets your need for the practical, and where your shopping journey is always far from ordinary.

Tips for Navigating Used Furniture Stores

Navigating the labyrinth of used furniture stores can be as daunting as it is exhilarating. To enhance your chances of unearthing quality pieces that resonate with your taste, consider visiting local shops frequently and scouring online resources daily. Many stores, like the ones we’ve highlighted, restock daily, presenting a constantly changing gallery of potential additions to your home.

Before embarking on your furniture shopping adventure, arm yourself with the dimensions of your space and a trusty tape measure that can measure in both metric and imperial units. Familiarize yourself with signs of quality construction, such as dovetail joints and sturdy framing, and don’t be deterred by minor cosmetic issues that can be easily remedied. Ultimately, focus on the fundamental aspects of the furniture—its size, shape, and potential to become a treasured part of your home.

How to Blend New and Used Furniture

The art of blending new and used furniture is like conducting a symphony—each piece must play its part harmoniously. To create a cohesive and balanced interior, consider incorporating various textures such as:

  • leather

  • faux fur

  • wool

  • linen

Embrace the 80/20 rule to ensure a well-balanced mix of vintage and modern elements and opt for a neutral color palette to let your unique finds shine.

Adding raw elements like exposed brickwork or weathered textural wall finishes can provide the perfect backdrop for your blended decor. Consider minimizing window treatments to avoid a cluttered look and allow the vintage pieces to stand out. Stores like Vintage Fresh are prime examples of how vintage and modern can coexist beautifully, offering a blueprint for how to achieve this balance in your own home.


As our journey through Austin’s eclectic array of used furniture stores comes to a close, we’re reminded of the unique character and history each store holds. From the philanthropic mission of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore to the quirky finds at Uncommon Objects, Austin’s used furniture scene is a treasure trove for those looking to infuse their homes with personality and charm. With the tips and insights shared, you’re now equipped to navigate these stores with confidence, blend your finds for a curated look, and most importantly, enjoy the thrill of the hunt. May your next furniture adventure in Austin be as enriching as it is inspiring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure I’m getting a good deal when shopping at used furniture stores in Austin?

Make sure to visit different stores frequently as their inventory changes often, and don’t hesitate to negotiate prices. Keep an eye out for sales and discounts, and always inspect the quality of the items before making a purchase. Happy shopping!

Are there specific stores in Austin known for certain types of furniture or decor?

Yes, if you’re into mid-century modern, check out Uptown Modern and Modern Redux in Austin. If you prefer a mix of eras, Revival Vintage has a diverse selection, while Uncommon Objects and Room Service Vintage offer unique and eclectic finds.

What are some tips for blending new and used furniture in my home?

When blending new and used furniture, remember the 80/20 rule—80% new and 20% vintage—for a balanced look. Incorporate a variety of textures and stick to a neutral color palette to unify the pieces effectively.

Can I find eco-friendly furniture options at these stores?

Yes, you can find eco-friendly furniture options at used furniture stores like Uncommon Objects, which focus on providing a ‘green’ shopping experience with items that have historical and cultural significance.

What should I do if I find a piece of furniture that needs some restoration?

If you find a piece of furniture that needs restoration, decide if you can handle it or if it requires professional work. Consider the piece’s potential and structural integrity, and if needed, check out stores that offer beautifully refinished items.