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Need quality furniture in Austin that aligns with your taste and budget? Our curated list spotlights the best furniture stores in Austin, from unique vintage finds to sleek modern designs, and eco-friendly options. Dive right into an honest selection of top spots without sales fluff, helping you furnish your space with confidence and ease.

Key Takeaways

  • Austin’s furniture scene offers an extensive range for every taste, from vintage treasures to modern minimalist designs.

  • Local outlets like Austin’s Couch Potatoes provide big savings and custom furniture options, while design services across the city allow personalization to suit any home.

  • Sustainability is a priority in Austin’s furniture market, with stores offering eco-friendly, non-toxic options and unique pieces from reclaimed materials.

Exploring Austin’s Furniture Scene

Various styles of furniture on display in Austin

Dive into the heart of Austin’s colorful furniture scene, where eclectic styles and budgets converge. With a plethora of furniture stores scattered across the city, you’ll find a spectrum of tastes and design preferences catered to. Whether you’re a cost-conscious buyer or someone looking to invest in high-end pieces, Austin’s dynamic furniture market has got you covered.

A Haven for Vintage Enthusiasts

Venture into Austin’s vintage landscape, where stores like Revival Vintage and Room Service Vintage curate unique collections, offering items that add a unique flair and timeless design to your home. Housed in a former pharmacy and soda fountain, Room Service Vintage boasts a massive, continually changing selection of 1950s-1970s furniture, while Revival Vintage offers pick-up items from their N. Lamar location.

But the vintage scene doesn’t stop there. Austin is home to several stores that cater to different styles and eras of vintage furniture and design. Some notable ones include:

  • Uptown Modern: specializes in midcentury-modern furniture

  • Modern Redux: focuses on refurbished vintage furniture

  • Uncommon OBJECTS: offers a wide range of quirky antiques and unique design styles from multiple eras

All these stores, with their unique and timeless pieces, truly make Austin a haven for vintage enthusiasts and antique pieces curated. In the heart of the city, you can find an exceptional Austin showroom that showcases the best of these collections.

Contemporary Spaces and Modern Places

Austin’s modern appeal is reflected in its contemporary furniture offerings. Stores like Scott + Cooner, Urbanspace Interiors, and Nannie Inez cater to the needs of customers looking to create a modern space with furniture embodying clean lines and minimalist principles. These stores showcase modern furniture that aligns with current trends in home decor, appealing to those with a taste for sleek and innovative design.

Scott + Cooner is known for specializing in modernism and European lines. Meanwhile, Urbanspace Interiors focuses on contemporary design, and Nannie Inez stands out with its concept of contemporary minimalist design, featuring an international selection of furniture. So, if you’re seeking a sleek, minimalist aesthetic for your space, these stores are your go-to places in Austin, including the popular Anderson Lane area.

Traditional Comforts with a Southern Flair

The southern charm of Austin is not lost in its furniture market. Stores like Back Home Furniture and Shabby Slips Interiors offer a sense of warmth and classic elegance to Austin homes with their traditional, European-style furniture. These stores provide a range of styles from formal to casual that complement different eras, giving homes a touch of traditional comfort with a southern flair.

Back Home Furniture specializes in traditional, European-style furniture. In contrast, Shabby Slips Interiors focuses on classic and elegant design. So, if you’re looking for a warm, traditional feel with a touch of classic elegance, these stores are worth a visit.

Austin’s Unique Furniture Outlets

Exterior of Austin's Furniture Outlet

Austin’s furniture scene is not complete without its unique furniture outlets. Stores like Austin’s Furniture Outlet and Hidden Treasures provide an extensive collection of new home furnishings sourced from top manufacturers at discounted prices.

Outlet Store Gems

Furniture outlet stores in Austin, like Furniture Market, are treasure troves of deals, offering quality furniture items at significant discounts. Furniture Market is known for its wide selection of bedroom furniture for both adults and children, including sought-after rustic styles, all known for their affordability.

Customers consistently praise outlets like Hidden Treasures for their organization, excellent customer service, and the originality of their furniture pieces. So if you’re looking for stylish furniture at discounted prices, these furniture outlets are your gems in Austin.

Austin’s Couch Potatoes: Local Brand, Big Savings

Among Austin’s unique furniture outlets is Austin’s Couch Potatoes. This local brand outlet features a variety of furniture from national brands as well as locally produced items, truly embodying the spirit of Austin in its offerings. They offer a broad selection of:

  • couches

  • beds

  • chairs

  • tables

  • dressers

  • mattresses

Catering to diverse tastes and budgets with their wide price range.

What sets Austin’s Couch Potatoes apart is the customization options they offer. With expert guidance from experienced designers, products can be tailored to customer preferences. Plus, Austin’s Couch Potatoes also boasts a local warehouse, ensuring easy access to Austin-made goods and furniture pieces.

The Art of Home Furnishings in Austin

Artistic lighting fixtures and home accessories

In Austin, beautiful furniture is not just about functionality; it’s also about artistic inspiration. Stores like Maaribu, The Renner Project, and A Custom House double as galleries, offering furniture pieces that are both functional and artistically inspired. These stores enhance the shopping experience with their unique offerings and added amenities.

From Lighting to Accessories: The Complete Package

Austin furniture stores not only cater to your furniture needs but also offer an extensive range of lighting fixtures and home accessories. One such furniture store, Urbanspace Interiors, offers a comprehensive collection that includes not only modern furniture but also lighting fixtures, storage solutions, and home decor accessories.

Similarly, Side Street Home provides a mix of unique new and vintage home items, such as rugs, luxury bedding, decorative pillows, and custom furniture. Meanwhile, Supply sources a wide array of home furnishing elements, including fabric, lighting, furniture, rugs, and wallpaper, catering to diverse customer preferences. These stores ensure that you have the complete package to transform your house into a home.

Eclectic Mixes for the Aesthetic Aficionado

If you’re an aesthetic aficionado who appreciates an assortment of furniture styles, Austin has got you covered. Stores like Open Invite, Nadeau, and The Renner Project offer a varied selection of furniture that includes both vintage and new choices, blending trending and classic styles.

The Renner Project showcases an eclectic selection, including mid-century modern, vintage, and high-style 20th-century pieces. Meanwhile, stores specializing in reclaimed material furniture offer pieces that mix rustic charm with contemporary design, adding to the eclecticism of a living space. So, if you’re seeking a diverse decor approach, these stores are your go-to places in Austin.

Design Services: Tailoring Your Texas Home

Customized furniture design process at Austin Joinery

Stepping into the personalized service side of Austin’s furniture scene, some stores offer comprehensive design services. They help customers personalize their homes according to their vision, creating custom furniture options tailored to their preferences.

Stores like John-William Interiors, Austin Joinery, and Sparrow Interiors & Gifts collaborate closely with clients throughout the design and crafting process, ensuring high-quality personalized results for every project.

Custom Creations and Personal Touch

In Austin, customization is not a far-fetched dream but a reality. Austin furniture stores offer a multitude of services to customize furniture to the customer’s unique style and space requirements. Customization options include special materials for sleeper sofas and sofa beds, as well as furniture built to specific dimensions and needs.

Stores like Austin Joinery and Sparrow Interiors & Gifts offer locally crafted pieces and projects using reclaimed materials. These unique pieces offer a blend of rustic charm and modern sensibility, adding a personal touch to your home.

Collaborative Design Consultations

In Austin, prospective customers can consult with interior design experts who collaborate with them to ensure every piece of furniture is a perfect fit for their homes. Designers at John-William Interiors collaborate closely with clients to refine their preferences without imposing their own agenda, ensuring a personalized design experience.

Stores like Urbanspace Interiors provide a comprehensive collection with design guidance available from their team to suit a modern aesthetic, including:

  • lighting

  • storage

  • decor

  • furniture

John-William Interiors offers design services that entail the transformation of spaces in line with client wishes, providing a range of design options to cater to the unique taste of each client.

Spotlight on Sustainability: Eco-Friendly Furniture in Austin

Sustainable furniture materials at Silk and Sage Design

Austin doesn’t lag behind when it comes to sustainability. Stores like World Interiors and Silk and Sage Design focus on sustainable practices and non-toxic materials, promoting healthy living and a healthier environment. These stores offer unique items made by local artisans, fusing practical functionality with distinct design aesthetics.

Green Choices for a Healthy Home

In the pursuit of a healthier home environment, Austin offers green choices for your furniture needs. Stores in Austin, like:

  • Silk and Sage Design

  • Green Living Furniture

  • Austin Natural Mattress

  • Asherfield

use non-toxic materials and follow sustainable practices in their furniture production, advocating for a healthier lifestyle.

Founded by Katie Lang Brown and Brian Brown, Silk and Sage Design is one of Austin’s key stores focusing on sustainable and non-toxic furniture solutions. Other stores in Austin that are also dedicated to providing furniture that is safe for the environment and the customer’s health, using non-toxic materials and following sustainable practices include:

  • Greenway Home Furnishings

  • Four Hands Home

  • Austin’s Couch Potatoes

  • TreeHouse

Reclaimed Wonders: Rustic Meets Modern

In Austin, sustainability also comes with style. Stores like Nadeau focus on crafting new furniture from reclaimed materials. These handcrafted furniture pieces stand out due to their:

  • Unique finish

  • Dimensions

  • Rustic charm

  • Contemporary design techniques

Blending these elements creates a one-of-a-kind piece that adds character to any space, showcasing some awesome stuff.

Reclaimed material furniture in Austin reflects a modern approach to using traditional materials. The result is a collection of pieces that are not only unique but also contribute to the sustainability of our environment. So, in Austin, you can make a green choice without compromising on style.

Shopping for Comfort: Mattresses and More in North Austin

Comfort is essential when it comes to home furnishings, and North Austin does not disappoint. The area boasts several stores specializing in comfortable mattresses and stylish bedroom furniture, with options to suit any preference and budget, including popular brands like Tempur-Pedic and Sealy.

Sleep in Style: Finding the Perfect Mattress

A good night’s sleep is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle, and finding the right mattress plays a significant role in that. North Austin offers a diverse array of mattress options, including high-quality brands such as Tempur-Pedic, catering to every comfort preference.

Options for mattresses in Austin include:

  • Beauty Rest mattresses, which are affordable

  • Tempur-Pedic mattresses, known for their ActiveAir Technology providing personalized climate control

  • Urban Mattress, which offers a wide selection and contributes to a highly favorable shopping experience

So, in Austin Texas, you can sleep in style while finding the perfect mattress that suits your needs in Austin TX.

Bedroom Sets for Every Budget

Completing the comfort journey, Austin offers bedroom sets that cater to a variety of budgets. From luxurious bed frames to affordable and stylish bedroom sets, you’ll find options for every taste and budget. Whether you’re seeking a minimalist set or a luxurious suite, Austin has a plethora of options to choose from.

So, whether you’re just starting out and need an affordable set or you’re looking to invest in a high-end luxury suite, you will find a bedroom set that suits your budget in Austin. After all, comfort and style should not be a luxury but a standard.


From vintage finds to sleek modern pieces, from affordable outlet gems to unique, custom-made creations, Austin’s furniture scene truly offers something for every style and budget. With its rich diversity and focus on both style and sustainability, Austin’s furniture scene is a reflection of the city itself: eclectic, innovative, and always welcoming. So whether you’re furnishing your first home or redecorating your existing space, remember to explore, experiment, and embrace the unique offerings of Austin’s furniture scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of furniture styles are available in Austin?

In Austin, you can find a diverse range of furniture styles, including vintage, contemporary, and traditional European designs. Happy furniture shopping!

Are there affordable furniture options available in Austin?

Yes, you can find affordable furniture options in Austin at places like Austin’s Furniture Outlet and Hidden Treasures. Happy shopping!

Can I find eco-friendly furniture in Austin?

Yes, you can find eco-friendly furniture in Austin at stores like World Interiors and Silk and Sage Design that offer sustainable and non-toxic options.

Are there stores in Austin that offer design consultations and custom furniture options?

Yes, you can get design consultations and custom furniture at stores like John-William Interiors, Austin Joinery, and Sparrow Interiors & Gifts in Austin.

Where can I find comfortable mattresses in Austin?

You can find comfortable mattresses in North Austin, where there are stores that specialize in popular brands like Tempur-Pedic and Sealy. Check them out for a good selection!

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