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Need a rug in Austin but not sure where to start? Cut through the clutter with our guide to Austin’s must-visit rug outlets, from premium artisan galleries to value-centric emporiums. We’ll take you to spots where you’ll not just buy a rug, but find a match for your decor. Expect no-nonsense advice on where to buy rugs in Austin, fitting every style and wallet.

Key Takeaways

  • Austin’s premier rug destinations offer a vast selection of premium rugs, ranging from traditional and Persian styles to contemporary and transitionally designed rugs, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.

  • Hand-knotted rugs are a highlight in Austin’s rug market, known for skilled artisan craftsmanship and the ability to provide custom creations, combining traditional techniques with modern and personal styles.

  • In addition to quality and variety, rug stores in Austin focus on customer satisfaction, offering expert assistance, sampling services, and professional rug care, generally ensuring a comprehensive shopping, buying, and aftercare experience.

Exploring Austin’s Premier Rug Destinations

Variety of handmade rugs at Austin's premier rug destinations

Austin houses numerous rug stores, each with a distinctive array of styles and designs. The city’s premier rug destinations like Cyrus Artisan Rugs, David Alan Rugs, and Wooden Looms Rug Gallery offer a diverse range of rugs to cater to various stylistic preferences. From tribal and traditional to contemporary and transitional, these destinations offer luxury rugs that are sure to appeal to every aesthetic palate.

Renowned for its exquisite oriental and decorative rugs, David Alan Rugs provides distinctive and refined choices for both high-end designers and retail customers. At the same time, Cyrus Artisan Rugs showcases various manufacturing techniques, including hand-knotted, flat-woven, and power or machine-loomed rugs, catering to different tastes and quality considerations. The variety of choice makes a visit to these rug stores in Austin a delightful experience for anyone looking to add a touch of class and comfort to their space.

Handmade Rugs Showcase

Austin proves to be a sanctuary for those valuing the distinct charm and artisanal quality of handmade rugs. Wooden Looms Rug Gallery offers a wide selection of handmade rugs, with each piece showcasing the skill and creativity of the artisan who crafted it. Similarly, Rugvite Handmade Rug Store specializes in a variety of handmade rugs, including modern Oushak wool rugs. Their designs are unique, with the potential to become treasured family heirlooms. These stores ensure that each rug is not just a piece of furniture, but a work of art that brings warmth, comfort, and style to any space.

Modern Patterns and Contemporary Styles

For those inclined towards a modern aesthetic, Furniture Market in Austin presents a variety of modern and contemporary rug designs capable of transforming your space into a chic sanctuary. Notable for their diverse textures and patterns, these modern rugs introduce visual interest and create contrast within a room. Brands like Loloi and Surya offer rugs like the Claire Cle-07 Grey – Multi Area Rug and the Surya Infinity INF-2302 Area Rug, which showcase the perfect blend of timeless beauty and modern sophistication.

Layering different rugs can also enhance a living space with a blend of colors and patterns, adding depth and richness to your decor.

Traditional Designs and Persian Rugs

Cyrus Artisan Rugs, Rug Studio, and Rugvite cater to enthusiasts of traditional designs and Persian rugs with their collections featuring vibrant colors and elaborate patterns.

  • Cyrus Artisan Rugs offers a rich collection of oriental and Persian rugs, which are celebrated for their timeless appeal.

  • Rug Studio’s Austin Collection features heirloom Serape and Sultanabad patterns adapted for modern tastes.

  • Rugvite’s collection encompasses traditional Oushak rugs, hand-woven with high-quality materials and natural dyes. These rugs are known for their sophisticated designs and understated elegance, making them a perfect fit for a variety of interior styles.

The Art of Craftsmanship: Hand-Knotted Rugs in Austin

Craftsmanship of hand-knotted rugs in Austin

Rug-making serves as a beautiful testament to skilled craftsmanship, with several Austin stores displaying this talent via handcrafted, hand-knotted rugs. These rugs are considered crafted masterpieces made by artisans with skills passed down through generations.

Stores like Rugvite Handmade Rug Store offer a collection of handmade rugs, including modern Oushak rugs and carpets, designed to blend beauty and durability. This blend of practicality and artistry makes hand-knotted rugs a worthwhile investment for any home.

The Wooden Looms Rug Gallery Experience

One of Austin’s standout rug stores is the Wooden Looms Rug Gallery. Offering an immersive shopping experience, customers can learn about various rug styles, materials, and their origins. They can also witness rugs being created on traditional wooden looms, showcasing the unique texture and quality of these handcrafted pieces.

The gallery is known for its extensive selection of handmade rugs and exceptional customer service, enhancing the overall shopping experience. This boutique-like exclusivity can provide a sense of discovery and reward for rug enthusiasts.

From Wool to Wonder: The Making of Hand-Knotted Rugs

The creation of a hand-knotted rug involves several steps:

  1. Carding: The wool is cleaned and straightened using carding combs.

  2. Spinning: The carded wool is spun into yarn using a spinning wheel or machine.

  3. Dyeing: The yarn is dyed using natural or synthetic dyes to achieve the desired colors.

  4. Weaving: The dyed yarn is woven by hand on looms to create the rug’s design.

  5. Finishing: The completed rug is washed, trimmed, and inspected for quality. This labor-intensive process can take between four to five months to complete and often requires the joint effort of multiple skilled weavers.

These intricate knotting techniques, such as the Tibetan knot, demand substantial time but contribute to the fine texture and exceptional quality of hand-knotted rugs. In Austin, providers offer the possibility of custom hand-knotted rugs, allowing customers to fuse premium materials like wool and Silkette to craft a personalized hand knotted piece that reflects their individual taste.

Style Your Space: Matching Rugs with Furniture and Decor

Harmonious living space with rugs and furniture in Austin

Selecting the perfect rug is merely the initial step. The subsequent challenge lies in integrating it within your space to cultivate a harmonious interior. The right rug can transform a room, adding warmth, comfort, and style. However, achieving the perfect balance requires considering the current decor, the room’s size, and the rug’s size and color.

In a balanced living room, the sofa and rug should not only match in color but also be the appropriate size to maintain interior harmony. Adding a patterned rug is a playful way to inject color and depth into a living space while maintaining synergy with existing decor. Whether you’re toning down visual noise with a black and white area rug or adding energy to a monochromatic space with a traditional square area rug, the right rug can significantly impact your room’s overall aesthetic.

Finding the Perfect Fit: Rug Sizing and Placement

In the process of rug selection, size and placement prove to be pivotal factors. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • For small rooms, ensure that the rug only occupies a portion of the floor space.

  • For larger rooms, choose bigger square area rugs.

  • In the living room, choose a rug that is proportionally scaled to the space, ideally extending at least 30cm beyond each side of the sofa. This allows the front legs of the sofa to rest on the rug, creating a balanced look.

For dining rooms, select a rug size that permits dining chairs to be easily pulled out and pushed in without catching on the edge, remaining on the rug even when in use. Sizing and placement can make a significant difference in how your rug complements your space.

Color Coordination: Selecting Rugs to Match Your Palette

Color coordination is another crucial factor to consider when selecting a rug. The right color can unify a room’s color palette and set the desired mood. A neutral or tonal rug can serve as a versatile foundation for a room, allowing the easy incorporation and alteration of colorful accessories to change the room’s overall color scheme.

In bedrooms, the ideal rug placement requires a rug large enough to extend under the bed and nightstands, with adequate space on each side. This not only enhances comfort but also complements the room’s aesthetic and color coordination.

Affordable Luxury: Budget-Friendly Rug Stores in Austin

Affordable rug stores in Austin

Though a quality rug often constitutes a worthy investment, it doesn’t necessarily need to be exorbitantly priced. Austin is home to several rug stores known for their affordability, offering customers budget-friendly options for adding style and elegance to their spaces. These stores provide a balance of affordability and quality, ensuring that every customer can find a rug that suits their budget without compromising on style or craftsmanship. Some of the best rug stores in Austin include:

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Persian rug or a modern geometric design, these stores have a wide selection to choose from. Visit them today and find the perfect rug for your home.

Great Selection at Great Prices

Stores like World Market in Austin present a broad assortment of affordable rugs, offering a variety of designs, colors, and styles to suit different preferences and home decors. The combination of a great selection and affordable prices offers significant value to shoppers. This balance of choice and value makes such stores a preferred destination for rug buyers in Austin, ensuring every customer can find a rug that fits their style and their budget.

Quality Meets Affordability

In Austin, quality and affordability are not mutually exclusive. Stores like World Market are recognized for providing a selection of affordable rugs that do not compromise on quality craftsmanship. Similarly, Rugvite offers rugs and carpets that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to last, making them cost-effective choices for homeowners.

Selecting a rug in Austin doesn’t have to be a choice between quality and affordability; it’s possible to find options that offer both.

Services and Support: Enhancing Your Rug Shopping Experience

Enhancing rug shopping experience with services and support in Austin

Securing the ideal rug represents only a portion of the journey. The rug shopping experience in Austin is enriched by a myriad of services and support options tailored to meet each customer’s unique requirements. From custom rug programs and rug rental services to professional rug cleaning, Austin’s rug stores go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Try Before You Buy: Sampling Services

Certain rug stores in Austin offer sampling services that allow you to try before you buy. Cyrus Rugs, for instance, offers a service where customers can take home sample swatches of rugs to see how they complement their home’s interior. They also offer a ‘Try Before You Buy Program’ that supports customer confidence by allowing an in-home trial of rug samples.

Similarly, The Rug Store has a 24-hour return policy that enables customers to try rugs at home, although some customers have noted the need for a longer evaluation period.

Professional Rug Cleaning and Care

Once you’ve found the perfect rug, maintaining its beauty and longevity is key. Cyrus Artisan Rugs offers a variety of services, including professional rug cleaning services. They utilize an evaluative approach and specialized equipment for rug cleaning, ensuring your rug remains in top condition. Other local stores in Austin offer cleaning services for a wide array of rugs, from oriental to more common varieties, ensuring comprehensive care for different rug types.

Austonian Rug Cleaning Co. showcases their dedication to customer satisfaction through careful cleaning service and by providing complimentary quotes.

Unique Finds: Specialty Rug Stores in Austin

For seekers of the truly unique, Austin’s specialty rug stores proffer a spectrum of exotic patterns and designs, uncommon in conventional or mainstream outlets. These stores source unique rugs from around the world, offering buyers access to exotic designs and patterns.

Local designers also contribute to the Austin rug scene, providing rugs that reflect the city’s eclectic and artistic vibe. For customers with distinct tastes, some Austin rug stores offer custom rug creation services, enabling the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces tailored to individual style and decor needs.

World-Influenced Collections

Specialty rug stores in Austin feature collections with designs inspired by various cultures from around the world. These collections include geometric tribal designs, hand-knotted in earth tones, and a range from geometric to abstract motifs. The Kaleen Global Inspirations Collection at Rug Studio includes styles like Ikat, Southwest, and Transitional in a variety of colors and sizes.

World Market, known for its diverse and elegant collection of world-influenced rugs, offers budget-friendly options, catering to shoppers looking for affordable yet exotic options.

Local Designers and Custom Creations

Austin is not only a hub for world-influenced rug collections but also a platform for local designers and custom creations. Some options for personalized rug services in Austin include:

  • Rugvite Handmade Rug Store: Offers custom designs tailored to any space or style preferences.

  • The Fuzz Lab: Provides an interactive rug-making experience.

  • The Carpet Stop: Offers bespoke creations with extensive customization options.

These options allow customers to express their individual styles in their living spaces and create rugs that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Expert Assistance: Customer Service and Satisfaction

The city’s rug stores further elevate the rug shopping experience in Austin through:

  • Expert assistance

  • A high degree of customer satisfaction

  • Personalized customer service

  • Special emphasis on meeting the specific needs of each client

  • Patient assistance from Austin rug store staff, who are willing to provide extensive support to ensure the right selection

Customers praise the personalized and patient assistance they receive from Austin rug store staff, who are willing to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

However, some customers have encountered challenges with return policies and reported feeling pressured by sales tactics, indicating areas where improvement is desired.

Knowledgeable Staff Ready to Assist

The staff at Austin’s rug stores are known for their expertise and attentive service. At David Alan Rugs, the long-standing trust between customers and the store is founded on staff expertise and consistent, attentive service during rug selection.

Farhad at The Rug Store is recognized for his color matching expertise and for offering helpful advice without putting pressure on clients. The Carpet Stop’s team is known for their technical and design knowledge, and Catalina Rug offers over 25 years of market experience in Austin, ensuring customer satisfaction with free shipping and returns.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Return Policies and Customer Care

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to Austin’s rug stores. Unique Loom, for instance, offers a 30-day return period with no restocking fees, although customers must cover the return shipping costs themselves. They also provide discounted UPS/FedEx return shipping labels for customers who need to return their rugs.

Furthermore, they provide a warranty that covers defects in construction, promising an exact replacement for defective items during the warranty period. These return policies and customer care measures ensure a positive shopping experience for all customers.


Austin is a vibrant city teeming with a wide variety of rug stores, each offering an array of styles, designs, and price points to cater to every taste and budget. Whether you’re seeking a modern pattern, a traditional design, or a unique, world-influenced piece, Austin’s rug scene has something to offer. Coupled with a host of services and support options like sampling services, professional cleaning, and knowledgeable staff, shopping for rugs in Austin is truly an enjoyable experience. As you embark on your rug shopping journey, may you find the perfect rug that not only complements your space but also adds a touch of warmth and personal style to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find handmade rugs in Austin?

You can find handmade rugs at stores like Wooden Looms Rug Gallery and Rugvite Handmade Rug Store in Austin. Happy rug shopping!

I’m looking for modern and contemporary rug styles. Where should I go?

You should visit Furniture Market in Austin for a variety of modern and contemporary rug designs.

Where can I find affordable rugs in Austin?

You can find affordable rugs at World Market and Rugvite in Austin, known for good quality.

Are there any services that allow me to try rugs before buying?

Yes, Cyrus Rugs and The Rug Store offer sampling services to try rugs before purchasing.

What if I need to return a rug I purchased?

You can return a rug you purchased from Unique Loom within a 30-day period without any restocking fees, but you will need to cover the return shipping costs.

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