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Does your home feel cluttered? Are you tripping over furniture that no longer serves a purpose or fits your style? Instead of letting these items gather dust, why not give them a second life by donating them? Not only will you free up space in your home, but you’ll also make a positive impact on your community. Wondering where to donate furniture in Austin? Furniture donation in Austin is a win-win: you declutter while others benefit from your generosity.

Key Takeaways

  • Donate furniture to uplift your community and build a home for those in need!

  • Get tax savings while transforming lives with pre-loved furniture donations.

  • Shop at local thrift stores and support local missions, find great deals while making a difference!

Furniture Donation Pickup Austin

Top Places for Furniture Donation in Austin

Several organizations in Austin excel in their commitment to community upliftment through furniture donation. Each of these organizations takes your donated items and puts them to good use, whether it’s by reselling them to fund community programs or directly providing them to families in need.

Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore: Building Homes from Your Donations

Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore is not your average thrift store. This organization uses your generous donations to construct affordable homes for those requiring assistance. So, when you donate that chair or table you no longer need, you’re literally helping to build a house for a family in need. How amazing is that?

Donating to Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore is also incredibly easy. You can choose to drop off furniture at their location or alternatively submit an online donation form to request a pickup. They will arrive to collect from the preferred location. Why not schedule your donation today through a simple phone call or online request?

Smiling Salvation Army staff assisting donors with furniture donations

Salvation Army Family Stores: Transform Lives With Your Furniture

The Salvation Army Family Stores are a national organization that do more than sell second-hand goods. They use the proceeds from your furniture donations to fund a wide range of services, including:

  • Adult rehabilitation

  • Prison ministries

  • Hunger relief

  • Youth camps

Donating to the Salvation Army Family Stores is as easy as entering your zip code on their website to find the nearest drop-off location and schedule a pickup. And the best part? Your donations to The Salvation Army are tax-deductible. You are not just aiding in transforming lives, but also gaining tax savings.

Goodwill Central Texas store interior with a variety of donated furniture and household items

Goodwill Central Texas: Giving Furniture a Second Life

When it comes to giving furniture a second life and creating employment opportunities, Goodwill Central Texas is a champion. This organization takes your furniture donations and resells them, using the proceeds to fund job training and employment programs. In 2019 alone, they made an impressive 3,226 local job placements, contributing significantly to the local economy.

Donating to Goodwill Central Texas is straightforward. You can schedule a curbside furniture donation pickup through their website. Why not contribute to community job creation while decluttering your home today?

Specialty Item Donations: What to Do With Unique Pieces

Perhaps you have items that don’t fit the traditional furniture donation mold. Maybe you have a baby crib that your child has outgrown, or a chair that’s seen better days. It’s worth knowing that these items can also be donated in Austin, providing they meet specific criteria.

Baby Furniture: Safe Donation Options

Donating baby furniture is a fantastic way to support families in need. However, safety is paramount when it comes to these items. Organizations such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and SAFE have guidelines in place to ensure that donated items are safe and not hazardous or recalled.

Before you donate baby furniture, make sure that it’s in good condition and free from any safety concerns. Some organizations in Austin that are happy to accept baby furniture donations include:

  • Any Baby Can

  • Austin Creative Reuse

  • Austin Habitat for Humanity

  • Casa Marianella

  • Goodwill Central Texas

  • The Arc of Texas

  • The Settlement Home for Children

Why not repurpose your child’s cherished crib or high chair for a family in need?

Handling Broken Furniture: Can It Be Donated?

If you have broken furniture, you might be wondering if it can be donated. The answer is yes! Organizations like the ReStore, run by Austin Habitat for Humanity, accept broken furniture donations with the aim of keeping reusable items out of the landfill.

However, not all broken furniture can be donated. Most donation centers do not accept broken or soiled furniture, including baby furniture. Nonetheless, organizations like The Salvation Army Family Stores and Hope Family Thrift Store graciously accept a variety of goods, including gently used furniture.

Get Organized: Scheduling Pickups and Drop-offs

With the knowledge of where to donate your furniture and other household items, it’s time to plan accordingly. Whether you’re donating a single piece of furniture or clearing out an entire home, scheduling pickups and finding convenient drop-off locations is key to a smooth donation process.

Making the Call: How to Schedule Your Furniture Pickup

Most donation centers in Austin offer pickup services, making it easy for you to donate bulky items like furniture. For instance, you can schedule a furniture pickup with Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore, a well-known donation center, by visiting their website or calling them directly at (512) 478-2165.

The Salvation Army Family Stores also offer a convenient pickup service for furniture, including box springs. You can easily schedule a furniture pickup by visiting their website or calling their donation hotline. Likewise, Goodwill Central Texas offers a convenient online form for scheduling a home pickup.

Finding the Nearest Drop-off Location

If you’d prefer to drop off your furniture donations, there are plenty of convenient locations in Austin. The Salvation Army Family Stores, Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and other organizations have drop-off locations throughout the city.

To find the nearest drop-off location and their drop off hours, consider visiting the organization’s website or calling them directly. They can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information about their operating hours and drop-off procedures.

Maximizing Impact: Understanding Tax Deductible Donations

Donating furniture and other household goods benefits not only the recipients and the community but also offers financial benefits for the donor. Many charitable donations, including furniture donations, can be tax-deductible. Understanding the ins and outs of this process can help you maximize the impact of your donation.

What Qualifies as Tax Deductible?

A tax-deductible donation is one that can be subtracted from your taxable income, potentially lowering your tax bill. When it comes to furniture donations, the item must be in good condition or better to qualify. However, even if it’s valued at more than $500 and not in perfect condition, you may still be able to get a deduction.

In order to claim a deduction, your donation must be directed to a tax-exempt organization as defined by section 501(c)(3) of the IRS tax code. So, when you donate your gently used furniture to organizations like Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Goodwill Central Texas, or the Salvation Army Family Stores, you’re not only helping the community but also potentially saving on your taxes.

Getting Your Receipt: Documenting Your Donation

It’s important to accurately document your donations when claiming tax deductions. You’ll need a receipt as proof of your donation. This receipt should include:

  • Your name and contact information

  • A description of the donated item

  • The date of the donation

  • The name and contact information of the receiving organization

Don’t worry if you forgot to get a receipt at the time of donation. Most organizations are happy to provide you with a receipt if you contact them and explain your situation. Remember to keep these receipts for at least three years in case of any tax audits or inquiries.

Beyond Furniture: Other Household Goods That Can Be Donated

In addition to furniture, other household goods such as home decor, clothing, and small toys can significantly impact someone’s life. By donating these items, you can help individuals and families in need while freeing up space in your home.

Donated home decor items including paintings, vases, and decorative pieces

Decorate a Home: Donating Home Décor

Giving a home a personal touch is about more than just furniture. Home decor items like:

  • curtains

  • lamps

  • rugs

  • artwork

  • paint containers

can transform a house into a home. These items can be donated to Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore, the Salvation Army Family Stores, and Goodwill Central Texas, among others.

Before donating, make sure to clean your items, check for damages, and pack them properly. This will ensure that the items reach their new home in the best condition possible.

After all, your fashionable decor could be the perfect finishing touch to someone’s new home.

Clear the Closets: Clothing and Small Toys Welcome

Clothing and small toys are other items you can donate to make a big difference. Organizations like The Salvation Army and Goodwill Central Texas are happy to accept these donations. Just ensure that the clothing is clean, in good condition, and stylish.

Donating clothes and small toys is not only a great way to help others but also a fantastic way to declutter your closets. Plus, you’ll be reducing waste and promoting sustainability by giving these items a second life.

Store and More: Shopping for a Cause in Austin

Supporting your local community extends beyond donations. Shopping at local thrift stores, many affiliated with the mentioned donation centers, also contributes positively. Not only will you find unique items at affordable prices, but your purchases will also help fund community programs and initiatives.

Find Treasures and Deals

Austin is home to a wealth of thrift stores where you can find everything from vintage clothing to antique furniture and unique home decor. By shopping at these stores, you’re supporting the local economy and contributing to a sustainable lifestyle.

These stores may surprise you with hidden treasures, such as board games. Coupled with regular discounts, you can secure substantial savings while backing local missions.

Supporting Local Missions Through Purchases

Shopping at thrift stores does more than just save you money; it also helps support local missions. The funds raised from the sale of donated items go towards supporting various community programs and initiatives. So, whether you’re buying a piece of furniture, a pair of jeans, or a vintage lamp, you’re making a positive impact on your community.


With so many options for furniture and household item donation in Austin, it’s easier than ever to declutter your home and support your community at the same time. Whether you choose to donate to Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Goodwill Central Texas, or the Salvation Army Family Stores, your contributions will make a big difference. And remember, your support doesn’t have to stop at donations. Shopping at local thrift stores also helps support these organizations and their missions. So, why not start decluttering today and make a difference in your community?

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I donate to Austin Pets Alive?

You can donate much-needed items like food, treats, toys, beds, and blankets to Austin Pets Alive! All of these items will help ensure the organization can continue caring for the animals in its shelters. Be part of the life-saving effort by donating today!

Where can I donate to the homeless in Austin?

Support those in need by donating to Caritas of Austin today – your contribution can make a huge difference!

What are the best places to donate furniture in Austin?

Donate your furniture to Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Goodwill Central Texas, and Salvation Army Family Stores – these are great places to give back to the community and make a difference in Austin.

Can I donate broken furniture in Austin?

Yes, you can donate broken furniture in Austin! Organizations like Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore accept such donations.

How can I schedule a furniture pickup?

To schedule a furniture pickup, visit the organization’s website or call them directly. This is a great way to get your furniture hauled away quickly and easily!

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